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Cruises / Day Trips


Our video gallery

 Magical Turtle Encounter

Turtle Up Close

Diver Meets Starfish

Divers Meet Baby Octapus

Divers Spot Turtle

Turtle Moving Towards The Surface

Chasing a Chicken Fish

Sting Ray at Rest

Yet Another Sting Ray at Rest

Sting Ray Encouter #3

On The Tail Of A Turtle

Turtle On A Sundays Strole

A School Of Fish In Sight

An Octapus Staring Us Down

An Octapus Up Close

A School Of Fish Make An Appearance For Us

Divers Connects With An Octapus

A Turtle Blending In With Its Environment

Our Visit Doesn’t Seem To Effect This Turtle

Turtle Spotted By A Team Of Divers

Turtle Make A High-Speed Getaway After Noticing Our Divers

Yet Another Magical Close Encounter With A Turtle

A Turtle Showing Us Around

Turtle Makes Brief Contact With The Surface

Moments on a boat trip

Moments on a boat trip

Moments on a boat trip

Moments on a boat trip


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